Matariki: from New Zealand a new wood for Hebanon projects


Matariki is the name chosen for the new capsule collection Hebanon – 1830, a collection of three extraordinary tables made of New Zealand Macrocarpa wood and epoxy resin.



Matariki in Māori language indicates both the Pleiades (stars of the Taurus constellation) and the beginning of a new season, a new year.

Literally Matariki means reflection, hope, connection with the environment but also a gathering of people.

We were therefore inspired by the geometries and meanings of the Taurus constellation to design the bases of these surprising tables: an invitation to conviviality and respect, for the environment and between people.


Taurus: table in solid Macrocarpa and resin, black painted iron base


The Capsule

K1, Taurus and Alcyone are the three bases that make up the capsule collection: three different designs that can be made of epoxy painted iron, Cor-Ten steel, wood or a combination of two materials of your choice.

Each Macrocarpa solid wood top is unique, as are the grains and knots that run across its surface: a beauty that smells of primitive nature.

The epoxy resin preserves the wood, crystallising and preserving its characteristics over time.


Taurus: base detail, Cor-Ten steel variant


The Macrocarpa

The Macrocarpa Cypress, also known as the Monterey Cypress, is a coniferous tree native to California that can grow up to 20 metres in height, growing along rocky and steep slopes facing the sea.

The wood used for our tables comes from abandoned New Zealand woodland settlements that survived an epidemic that struck the species in the 1980s.

A wood with excellent qualities and performance that make it suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor furniture.


Taurus: the encounter between Macrocarpa and epoxy resin

Taurus will be on exhibition at Arkeda 2021 – the Architecture, Building, Design and Furnishing Exhibition
from 3 to 5 December 2021
in the Projects Hall / Hall 5

Project in collaboration with Easy Contract