Over 190 years ago, a man and a woman experienced a great love story and from that love came the Basile family’s cabinet-making tradition. Over five generations, our story of passion for cabinetmaking has been transformed into a love of design and luxury furniture.

Here we proudly tell you the stories, experiences, adventures and projects of a family that has been a protagonist in southern Italy and of the Made in Italy for five generations: a personal entrepreneurial story that intertwines with the Italian story with commitment and solidarity from its origins to the present day.


1830 - 1880

Ascanio Basile was our founder, he had Sicilian origins yet he worked in the Campania region on the first Italian railway line between Naples-Portici. He used to make wooden carriages and in his free time he cultivated his passion: furniture-making.

Important inlayers masters handed some secrets of the art of cabinet-making down to him.

Ascanio loved an extraordinary woman who he was about to marry and he wished to give his beloved the most beautiful bedroom in the world as a wedding present, but, as always the case, just as in a fairy story, before love triumphs over all, there is always a dramatic turn of events. The bedroom was so beautiful that Ascanio ended up by selling it.
Ascanio’s failure to give this gift to his betrothed did not hinder their love: the bride- to-be married Ascanio all the same and together they gave life to those children and grandchildren that for generations now have followed in the eager footsteps of their forefather. That gift never arrived due to the fact that for each new bedroom that was created by Ascanio, there was a new client ready to purchase it.

In fact, after the bedroom intended for his loved one, Ascanio sold many others of his creation to made-to-measure furniture enthusiasts, he worked for the noblest families in the Naples area and he carried out works also for the royal family.

This is how, from a love story, our history of professional cabinet-makers came to exist.


World War I had just finished (1915-1918) when survivor Nicola Basile, Ascanio’s grandson, rebuilt his future by establishing an ebonist’s workshop in the Casolla district of Nocera Inferiore, in the province of Salerno. In this way, he put his experience and family tradition into practice within the woodworking sector.

1935 - 1950

Nicola Basile, was, by then, an accredited master ebonist, inlayer and wood-carver, he expanded his workshop, recruited new staff and bought state-of-the-art machinery. These were the years during which a great deal of military supplies were produced relating to interior furnishings as well as doors and window frames, along with monumental restructuring and major works, including the Tofano barracks in Nocera Inferiore, the St. Anna monumental convent complex and the State Railway Employees’ Building in Battipaglia.
Throughout the difficult years of World War II (1939-1945) our family distinguished itself for its national pride by rescuing many partisans as well as Italian and American soldiers from the fury of the Germans, giving them all adequate medical treatment and offering them food and temporary shelter.

1975 - 2013

Nicola’s sons – Sabato, Ascanio, Giovanni, Ersilio – have grown up and continued the family tradition. We moved to Nocera Superiore in a 20,000 square metre edifice, which still houses us today. We buy more than 100 pieces of woodworking machinery and continue the family tradition in a big way, maintaining the passion for luxury interiors and fine artistic furniture, Fratelli Basile Interiors is born. In 2001 we created the Hebanon brand, which encompasses the luxury products of the Basile house. The managerial turnaround was entrusted to women. The generational change is remarkable and brings with it several technological innovations in both design and production.
The purchase of a 5+1 axis machining centre, which is still one of the most advanced in the world, won us the Campania Innovation Award in 2004.
In the same year we certified ourselves according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 regulations and started collaborating with schools and art institutes to provide training on inlay and carving techniques.
In 2007 Giovanna made us international, opening the company to the Russian market.
Since 2009 we have been participating to the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.
In 2013, we launched a research project with the University of Salerno and the Mediterranean FabLab, the first digital fabrication workshop in southern Italy.

2013 - today

Hebanon Studio was born, a product design studio run by Giovanna, Maria and Nicola, the protagonists of the fifth Basile generation. The focus on new collections has been growing more and more until in 2016 the Design line becomes independent: LUXURY GROUP SRL is born and takes over the management of the Hebanon Fratelli Basile – 1830 brand.

1830 - 1880
Our story as cabinet makers originated from a love story
The cabinetmaker's workshop in the Casolla district of Nocera Inferiore
1935 - 1950
These are the years when large military supplies are made
1975 - 2013
Nicola's sons - Sabato, Ascanio, Giovanni, Ersilio - continue the family tradition
2013 - today
A new design, a new firm