42 species of wood are kept in our vault of centuries-old veneers, 5 of which are endangered; 2 are the result of anomalies, evolutionary errors in the species: Wood tells as much about humanity as people.

This is the starting point for the research project of Hebanon Fratelli Basile 1830® and our Home and Kitchen furnishing lines.

Research into the language and composition of objects and spaces, starting from the universal values that unite every individual and, at the same time, make him or her unique.

The purity of materials and shapes, together with ancient Italian, French and Oriental cabinet-making techniques, reinterpreted in a modern and contemporary way, tell not only a lifestyle but also stories.

For us at Hebanon Fratelli Basile – 1830® an object well conceived and well made contributes to the emotional and functional well-being of the person; an object is of design if it has a heart, a soul and a brain: it is with this spirit that we design and produce furniture.

From the carpentry and sawmill workshops and from the more than one hundred years old passion of the Basile family, modern and stylish, exclusive, refined and elegant furniture collections come with a single objective: to go beyond the concept of style, to overcome time and surrender to the value of emotions, the most precious thing man has.; this is the spirit of Hebanon.



The Basile furniture solutions range from the magnificence of the 18th century right up to those relating to vintage modern and contemporary minimal design; from projects which include luxury furnishings to the single furnishing item (furniture, complimentary items and accessories).

The Hebanon collections have a soul that tells us about the relationship between man and himself, in society, and his being in history and nature.

Each piece of furniture is the expression of a reflection, the bearer of a meaning that aims to empathically involve the viewer.

The creative process of furniture, where form, function and meaning are intimately linked, is accomplished through the skilful hands of master cabinetmakers who, with patience and love, dialogue with the designers, transforming functional objects into modern works of art.

Hebanon’s spirit is to go beyond the concept of style, to overcome time and surrender to the value of emotions, the most precious thing man has.

We offer complete turnkey interior furniture for the whole house with rooms and environments that tell the historical identity and a personal style in living, in other words: bedroom, kitchen, living room, modular studio.

  • Design furniture, even in limited edition and unique pieces: modern and contemporary furniture and accessories with an eclectic taste inspired by nature and people. Objects that make every space unique and refined, in other words consoles, tables, chest of drawers, secretaire, beds, desks, bar furniture, sideboards and buffets;
  • Design kitchens for indoors and outdoors: modular kitchens in wood, metal and natural stones, with an original and unique design and impeccable functionality thanks to equipped channels, customized and ad hoc solutions and the possibility of integrating them with digital technologies that improve the ergonomics of space and functionality for you who will use them
  • Furnishing architectures: architectural elements that improve the functionality and aesthetics of the space in which you live, that is, paneling and doors coordinated with the furniture, wardrobes and partitions and storage walls also equipped with high-tech elements;
  • Complements and accessories: objects that tell the passion for details, ie lamps, clocks, paintings, inlaid paintings, buffets, modern and classic statues, objects and fabrics for the home, carpets and curtains for a coordinated and flawless total look.


Hebanon Fratelli Basile 1830 is a “land” of disciplined visionaries: we operate in the convinced choice of a slow design that restores value to the home and to those who live in it according to 4 fundamental principles:

Empathy: we start from people, from their desires and needs, to create objects that express their identity, that give time back to the things that really matter, transmit the serenity needed to plan and live tomorrow with confidence.

Design: our stylistic and ergonomic research into objects and spaces aims to improve the liveability of environments and enhance the physical and psychological wellbeing of the person; the inlays bring us back to the contemporary, languages that have settled in our culture and interpret the new signs of the future. As the smallest visible part, geometry has an ordering function: through it we interpret the world and tell it through our art, reworking the ancient Italian, French and Oriental cabinet-making arts in a contemporary key.

Commitment (SUSTAINABILITY, ETHICS, DURABILITY): All our activities are driven by ethics and respect for man and the environment both inside and outside our company. We believe that the use of natural materials, with forestry and CITES certifications, free of volatile toxic substances, formaldehyde FREE, chosen and processed to make objects last over time with constant comfort performance, they contribute significantly to the wellbeing of the person who lives our products. Moreover, our commitment does not stop here: we are among the companies that proudly promote the culture of enterprise and culture of DESIGN and cabinet-making in our territory, protecting Italian know-how in all its aspects throughout the world. It is with great pride that we are among the companies that founded and promote the contest for emerging designers and professionals in the Young Factory Design sector and our creative school.

Avant-garde: Technique: the savoir faire of master cabinet-makers handed down from generation to generation, tested and refined over time to perfection, the result of the ingenuity of mind and hands. and Technology: the mix of latest generation machines and ancient knowledge and tools, natural materials and the most advanced ones, the integration of different processes between wood, metal, leather and marble, make Hebanon the evolutionary link between industry and craftsmanship.

The Creative Forge

Our commitment to design has both a social and an evolutionary purpose. We believe that designers are the last humanists of this new millennium. Our task is not only to tell and interpret the world around us through our experience and our sign, but also to ensure the respect and continuity of humanity by preserving the know-how and the ability to think by creating a virtuous systemic process involving designers and craftsmen, of today and tomorrow. Hebanon Fratelli Basile and Hebanon Studio together, we experiment a lot with new construction techniques. Our commitment to the territory is constant both as a company and as a product design studio we collaborate with universities and masters in the sector to train future generations of designers.

Quality and Certification

In Fratelli Basile Interiors, we work in full compliance with both man and the environment, by using only products which are not toxic for human health, formaldehyde-free wood certified by forest-certification organisations and by recovering production scrap and using it as a complementary source of energy.

All products possess the 100% Designed and Made in Italy certification, they are branded and have both an identity number and a holographic label that guarantees the uniqueness and originality worldwide.

The Basile furniture solutions range from the magnificence of the 18th century
All products are Designed and Made in Italy 100% certified
The Creative Forge
For more than 180 years we have been devoted to custom design
Quality and Certification
In Fratelli Basile Interiors we work in full compliance with both man and environment