The elegance of the geometry in an new vision of  “Art Deco“, the neoclassical perspective, the stylized floral motifs of Art Nouveau, is an inspiration for luxury furniture, prints, embroidery and decorative Greek where technology and craftsmanship, are fused to be in a unique dimension.

Clean shapes contrasts with the preciousness of the materials and its craftsmanship: The gold and brass, mixed with the precious materials of the era, such as parchment, ebony and rosewood, are inserted in the design of furniture, doors, real masterpieces, and lurex embroidery on pure silks and velvets in pure cotton and silk for a material effect amazing.

Regular feature of the collection is The Venus warrior symbol of the collection Hebanon by Fratelli Basile quote the famous bust of Boris Lovet Lorski-30s on display at the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York to relocate again on origins bells with ancient carving of cameos in sardonic chiseled by hand.

Collection designed by the architect. Maria Basile, Giovanna Basile and Stylist Rita Mazzeo.