PURO is the new collection of luxury kitchens designed and produced by HEBANON – F.lli Basile.
The new line of kitchens projects us into a fascinating atmosphere, where the living wood is the real “artist”: the protagonist is the historical identity of the infinite combinations and textures of precious woods, which, like patient tailors, the master cabinet-makers sew to measure.
The inlays enhance the nuances and natural grains of centuries-old veneers, carefully matched thanks to the attention matured over 5 generations of cabinetmakers; the carvings define clean, primary shapes in a perfect balance between respect for the tradition of cabinetmaking and the dictates of the most essential design.
Rare, centuries-old essences meet high-tech materials of the highest quality.
A new identity for the Made in Italy kitchen that combines design and tailoring: luxury as a unique object, rich in its own history and a strong, unrepeatable identity.