Salone internazionale del mobile 2019: Inside Hebanon

For the 10th consecutive time, Hebanon Fratelli Basile – 1830 will be among the protagonists of the Salone internazionale del Mobile 2019. The only company from southern Italy that will exhibit at the Luxury Design pavilion,  Hall 1 Stand G01.

This year’s theme is linked to identity: personal identity, of a people, of a culture, to then discover the universal roots of humanity.

Inside Hebanon is the title of this year because Hebanon Fratelli Basile – 1830 will also show itself revealing its vocation as a maestros ebonists, showing the beating heart of the company: the maestro Giovanni Basile who will perform a live performance from Tuesday to Friday, showing his skills as a carver and inlayer.

From Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 15.00 there will be the usual Mozzarella Party with fresh Campana mozzarella.


The company was founded in 1830 thanks to the love story of a man and a woman, also working for the Bourbon Royal family. Since then they safeguard the secrets of the cabinetmaker’s art, enriching and mixing them with the most important technological innovations in the sector: not only “an expression of know-how, love and passion that the Basile family has been putting into their creations for two hundred years, but also inner research and stylistic of the sublime.

<< Our creations that arise from the observation of People. We try to interpret their desires and emotions, evolution and dynamism. In a society with more and more uncertainties and fewer values, Hebanon Fratelli Basile 1830® creates objects that are comfortable and full of new contents in which the individual can be reflected.

The theme of the new collections Hebanon Fratelli Basile – 1830 we present at Salone internazionale del Mobile is focuses on identity. In an increasingly liquid society, as defined by Zygmunt Bauman, increasingly interconnected, frenetic, global, with omnivorous cultural consumption, it is easy to get lost. So we Hebanon designers have thought, through our works, to describe the history, culture and personal roots as well as of a people, to then discover that at the base there are the same universal values ​​that all cultures share. Our vocation is to create not just luxury furniture but anchors, masterpieces, works of art in which to immerse oneself and in which to identify oneself, cling and shelter to make one’s life more peaceful and comfortable: a place to say “this is my home” .

Another fundamental aspect of our research is linked to the search for multi-centennial woods and above all to the ergonomics of the environments, in particular the kitchen and the living area, which is applied to our products. collections on each individual project based on the customer’s personal needs “>>, declared the Design Chief department of Hebanon Fratelli Basile 1830, Giovanna Basile.


The beauty of Hebanon this year have collaborated over the three Basile sisters, Giovanna Basile, Maria Basile – chief architect art and technical director- Nicola – Chief Ergonomy department and Kitchen Developer – also the arch. Noemi Verdoliva and the designer Roberto Rago and the special collaboration with the Italian-French studio NoeSte, of the arch. Stefano Trapani and the designer Brigitte Legeandre.


For the second year at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in a row, Hebanon’s partner is one of the most important and advanced companies in its sector, Neolith Sintheresed stone, Group Marmi Rega, and for the first time the Quattrifolio company that oversaw this year’s light design.



Giovanna Basile