Milan Furniture Fair 2015

An exhibition inspired by the America of the ’30s with an eclectic style made by the use of cameos, statues and fine materials.

And a special tribute: that the sculptor Boris Lovet-Lorski: this was the recipe Hebanon-Fratelli Basile Interiors at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2015.

Booth, curated by stylist Rita Mazzeo and architect Maria Basile, is focused on the installation of a home, with furnishings covered with materials that recall the era of the ’30s, such as parchment, brass and ebony, and fine fabrics in silk and velvets natural.

Among the special features, as mentioned, a tribute to Boris Lovet-Lorski: “This choice – explains Giovanna Basile, Head of Export Company – was dictated by our origins: the Greek-Neapolitan. Therefore we have decided to resume the style of Lorski expressed in his statues of young Polynesian in a purely classical Hellenistic taste “.

Do not forget, finally, an important collaboration: one with the centuries-old Fornaci De Martino from Ogliara that produced the floor, made of terracotta colored paste of pure inspiration Pompei, with a black and white geometric graphic style typical of Art Deco floors.

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