Design Week 2018: Marèe – Hebanon at Brera District

DESIGN WEEK | Brera District
17-22 April 2018
Foro Buonaparte, 22 – 20121 Milan
Hebanon Fratelli Basile 1830 will be at the Design Week in Milan for the second year  with other 11 companies of the “Design Tessile Sistema Casa” group of Confindustria Salerno.
The sponsoring companies will show the design products Made in Salerno and some new pieces coming from the second edition of the “Young Factory Design” Contest -YFD II, at Officina 22 in Brera.
Salerno Chamber of Commerce supported this initiative and partially sponsored it, along with Confindustria Salerno who strongly believed in the growth of the project that endorses the synergy between the manufacturing companies of the territory and young designers. As matter of fact from the first edition, strong collaborations and numerous networking opportunities were born.
Last year the Group debuted for the first time at Design Week in Tortona area, this year the exhibition moves to an exclusive location of the Brera District: Officina 22, in Foro Buonaparte, 22 Milan. The Brera district is a landmark of Italian excellence in fashion and design and the beating heart of the Fuorisalone.
Valeria Prete, president of the Group, says «The presence for the second consecutive year at the Design Week in Milan gives us awareness of a synergy between “Company – Designer” that is growing and is shaping on empathy – determination and origins »
The Concept and the workshops
Arch. Francesco Giannattasio is the curator of the exhibition. He took inspiration from the land of the 12 exhibiting companies: “being a drop of our sea in our land” is the common thread that unites the twelve companies, expression not only of their know-how but of a broader business networking, made of synergy and empathy between company and designer.
Four free workshops will take place every day from April 18 to 21 from 18:00 to 19:00, at Officina 22.
On April 18th “the development of errors as projects” by Arch. Davide Crippa;
On April 19th “Empathy design” by Arch. Francesco Giannattasio;
On April 20th “innovation and design” by Dr. Marco Baione,
On April 21st “intelligent objects and spaces” by Arch. Davide Crippa.
B2D – Business to Designers
The aim of the Contest is to transform designers’ ideas into real business opportunities with the manufacturing companies from Salerno; the “design tessile sistema casa” group says to the designers “We do not promise a job, but we offer you an opportunity!” An opportunity to listen to the needs of the SMEs and to introduce yourself to them.
On Thursday 19th from 11 am to 1 pm and on Saturday 21 from 11 am to 1 pm there will be a B2D meeting.
On Friday April 20th from 18:00 to 22:00, during the Brera District Night, there is a free admission for a convivial event held by the Group.
Tekla srl (doors and windows)
Manifatture Tessili Prete (linen, textile for homes)
Cianciullo Marmi (marble)
Marmi Sacco (marble)
Lamberti Design (brass, stainless furniture)
Hebanon – F.lli Basile 1830 (luxury furniture)
A4 Design (contractor)
Opus Mosaici (ceramic)
Marine Leather (leather for furniture)
Dreamness (mattress)
Ciesse Cucine (kitchen)
MGR Group

Project from the YFD2 contest produced and displayed:

Bookcase Chiostro Hebanon Fratelli Basile 1830, Roberto Rago

Lamp “Totem” Opus Mosaici
Tile “Gold line” Opus Mosaici
Plate ” play sushi” Opus Mosaici
Vestale – shelves- Lamberti Design – Manifatture Tessili Prete
Cube – Cianciullo marmi
Doghe Coffe Table- Marmi Sacco