Luxury Design “dresses Tailored”

Average is Over, cry Friedman in his homonym book published in 2010: All that is standard is overcome.

The red thread that runs through the success of Made in Italy is today again the craft work, a part of our culture which often do not give the right value.

The know-how continues to be an essential ingredient of quality and innovation.

This is even more true in the new orientation of the luxury furniture market where each product is the result of a unique world: the individual.

No more industrial design, or limited series, but unique masterpiece that have in them the latest technology and traditional craftsmanship of master cabinetmakers.

This new trend of LUXURY DESIGN, made explicit in the book “Futuro Artigiano” Micelli S. (2011), is the core of our professional activity.

Since 1830 Fratelli Basile Interiors puts at the service of creativity, know-how of its master craftsmen and programs, high tech machinery and most advanced technologies to create real masterpieces 100% Made in Italy.

Our expertise, gained over 180 of history allows us to deal with the same professionalism and dedication, classic luxury projects which furniture depicting the magnificence of the 700 and the Empire style, both contemporary experimental and design projects, mixing the ancient tradition of cabinetmakers to alternative materials such as leather, steel, aluminum, Corian, non-abrasive resins, cutting down the usual technical productive limits of great industries of design. Everything is at the service of creativity and personal feel.

With Fratelli Basile, Design dress tailored because Pure luxury is to be yourself.