Young factory design contest

Submit until July 15 – Project submission until October 15, 2016

“There are three possible answers to a design product: Yes, No, and Wow. Wow is the only purpose for me “

Young Factory Design Contest: the group Wood-system of Confindustria Salerno House proposes a contest of ideas for young architects, designers and planners under 40 with 11 companies for a design contest. The competition, sponsored by the Order of Architects of Salerno, the Association for Industrial Design Campania and Napoli Creativa, comprise the design and the proposed lines of furniture, design objects and textile products for the home and exhibitors: proposals exploiting the materials of one or more of the participating companies. Young Factory Design is the first design contest where 11 manufacturing companies in the furniture industry are looking for and create networks with the world of design professionals.

The purpose of the competition is to encourage young people in the search for innovative solutions for the furniture, looking for new possibilities of integration between materials of different companies. The subject that requires solutions should be proposed is the creation of a line of furniture or a single product design or textiles also exploiting the synergies between the different participating companies.

Companies promoters belong to different sectors: furniture (A4 Design, Hebanon by Fratelli Basile, Lamberti Design, Pandora Group); Ceramics and marbles (Cianciullo marbles, Furnace De Martino, Opus mosaics); Window frames and doors (Tekla, R.I.A.G., Garone Habitat); textiles for the home (Textile Manufactures Priest).

HEBANON by Fratelli Basile proposes two key challenges: the upgrading of ebaniste ancient techniques and environmental camouflage in key design: that is, the development of design products through the study of pre-existing forms in nature that improve the comfort and human adaptation environments.

The notice and all information on the initiative can be found online

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